Learn how to write CV and download template

Learn to write CV

learn to write CV which is competitive in industry. Job application curriculum Vitae Template and CV writing instructions.

It is often heart breaking when you think you have great CV but no call for interview. CV is the first Document that appear to your future Employer, so you have to make it count. write CV that stand out.

It will be great to learn the great way to design CV that stand the chance to impress your future employer in such a way that they will call you for interview.

Is it Possible create Best CV?

It is if you follow the tips i am about to share with.

This tips are going to be useful to experienced CV writer and those who never wrote the CV before, this Tips will help you to write CV that stand out.

Professional CV formats

  1. Reverse-chronological
  2. combination
  3. functional or “skills-based CV”

Most jobs Seekers Choose The REVERSE-CHRONOLOGICAL

  1. CV summary

    is the heading section of CV that highlights skills, years of experience, best achievements, and certificates.

  2. CV formats

    in this section you have to think about what to put in the CV and make sure you put all important skills which are related to the position you are apply for.

    this is the section that you have to deeply think about CV formats
    1. Reverse-chronological
    is the format where your recent work experience is listed at the top of your experience section

    2. combination
    is a format that marries the best aspects of a chronological CV format and a functional CV format.

    3. functional or “skills-based CV”
    is skills based and is written, focused and places more emphasis on showing your work experience, knowledge and expertise.

The best way to Create CV is by introducing yourself. employers are looking for specific information, and they are only going to look for it in the top third of your CV. If you don’t nail it , sorry game over.

Creative CV summary is important because is the First impression of your CV.

Here is the simple CV templates we have created, you can download it for free and edit it.

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