South African Reserve Bank Graduate programme 2020/2021


Company: South African Reserve Bank

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Job type: Full-time

Closing date: 30 April 2020

Job description.

The South African Reserve Bank(SARB) is looking for productive and postgraduates to join it’s one year programme in 2021.

During the programme graduates will attend various learning interventions at SARB Academy for approximately 40 days. Interventions are mainly central-banking specific and aimed to produce well-rounded central-bankers. In addition personal and professional skills such as presentation, impactful reporting, business discipline, Teamwork, personal excellence md etiquette, among others, are also part of the holistic programme.

Graduates will work and learn at the SARB Head office in Pretoria from January 2021 to December 2021. During the year, they will be assigned to different departments withing the SARB and exposed to various roles and projects.

To be considered for this programme, candidates must;

Have completed a postgraduate Degree, have attained 65% in your final year, have a strong desire to work in financial services and/or policy making institution, have a proven track record of academic excellence, have communication skills , be a South African citizen and be curious and keen learner.

Postgraduate Degree in any of the following:

Policy, Economics, Econometrics, Research, Finance, Accounting, Modelling, IT, Statistics, Mathematics, Risk Management, Quantitative analysis.

To apply visit SARB website.